Shearex Is a World-Class Manufacturer in the Forestry and Land-Clearing Industry


Shearex has one purpose in mind - to be the leading manufacturer of mulchers and other forestry and land-clearing equipment through ground-breaking engineering. Their mission is to fundamentally transform the forestry and land-clearing industry by providing top-notch mulchers to customers in the Canada and U.S.

By restarting every design from scratch, with a very small team, Shearex was able to have the best starting year of any company within the GRYB International group (manufacturer of heavy-equipment attachments and parent company of Shearex).

Shearex’s team works hard to create the best solutions that will last and surpass their competition. They value feedback from the market, clients, and suppliers to improve their services and products. Shearex's project manager stays current with the latest developments in engineering technologies and market trends to provide the best high-end products. The main goal is to provide the best equipment components for the forestry industry. "Do it Better: Do it Shearex."

The team behind these products has a long history of working together and is well-connected within their industry. They believe that a work-hard-play-hard mentality begins in the workplace. "Shearex's employees are integral to its success story. Having a tight-knit family culture, Shearex is devoted to creating a welcoming work environment. Having fun on the job is essential," says Jeffrey Belanger, the Director at Shearex.

When you purchase from Shearex, you can expect to receive a top-of-the-line mulcher without sacrificing quality or service. Their objective is to completely satisfy the requirements of their customers by providing a level of service that is unmatched in the marketplace. Shearex also plans to offer promo items as well as subscriptions to news and services. “This is a great opportunity for us to expand the scope of our business, which has been primarily focused on manufacturing equipment and providing services in one particular industry,” says Jeffrey.