GRYB International Is Proud to Announce the Launch of Its Newest Vlog Series



GRYB International recently launched a new vlog series that takes viewers behind the scenes of some of the most exciting heavy equipment operations. From scrap handling to mulching, this action-packed series features exclusive footage from inside the cabins of the excavators.

Byron Man is a heavy equipment series starring Byron Mikaloff (an operator passionate about heavy machinery) and showcases the various products of brands under their umbrella. These products include Winkle's circular scrap handling magnet, Shearex’s VM-50SR mulcher, and Bateman's mag-grab orange peel scrap grapple.

The series will give viewers a unique look into the daily lives of those who work with heavy equipment, allowing them to experience what it’s like to operate some of the world’s most powerful machines. From close-up shots of the heavy equipment to interviews with experts in the field, this show promises to be an engaging and educational experience.

This series launched in December 2022 on GRYB International’s YouTube streaming platform and is available for subscribers worldwide. With three episodes so far, the series can expand and encompass more topics in the future, allowing viewers to gain even more insight into the heavy equipment industry.